Our work

Our many years of experience and collaboration with producers worldwide means that the work we provide is of the standard you need for your production.


Radio Production / Jingles / Sound Logos / Sound Design

Trailers, promos, drop-ins, jingles, complete show packages and specially produced MA campaigns.

We can offer all formats! We can also offer jingle and sound logo developments.

Music Production / Mixing / Songwriting

We write songs in all sectors and for all sectors. At the start there is simply an idea that we then make real and audible.

From the first note on paper to the complete, mastered song. Our work can include songwriting, recording

and production, as well as mixing and final mastering.

Voice-overs / Station Voices

Eike Lüchow is a trained announcer and voice-over artist with many years of experience in this sector. With his young and ultra-versatile voice, he works primarily in the following fields: radio station voices, radio and TV advertising, factual texts, dubbing. Recording and transfer either by server or Musikaxi Centauri.

More / Advertising / Image Film Scoring / Audio Guides / Training

We would be glad to advise you on the design of your ad. Whether you want to advertise on radio, TV, in the cinema or online, we can produce your ad so that it gets heard! Looking for the right sound for your image film, presentation or audio guide? We can produce the right sound design, from the music composition to the sound effect. Do you have an idea for your ad but are unsure about how to implement it? We’d be glad to advise you! From development, to production and ultimate broadcasting on air. We also provide seminars for radio presenters and producers. Tailored specifically to your needs. Get in touch with us.